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One on One

Private Lessons $75 / 55 minutes

This is a fabulous way to get one on one instruction. You will work out on all the apparatus from the larger apparatus, the Reformer and Cadillac to the smaller apparatus of the Chairs, Barrels and Magic Circles (we even have a mini!). Each private class is 55 minutes long. Extended sessions are available. $75 per lesson. Discounted rates when purchasing packages.

Mentoring for Pilates Teachers $150 / 90 minutes

ROC Pilates uniquely provides mentoring for the Pilates Teacher at all levels advancing seasoned teachers into Masters work in the Method. No matter where you received your certification, we will review everything from the exercises to modifications, proper positioning, to variations. This is not a private exercise session. It is a developmental workout for your voice, including tempo and modulation, hands on touch/spotting, learning new exercises and variations including choreography. You will delve deeper into the classical Method seeing the connections between the exercises and how to incorporate this information into your teaching.

You will receive specific information and individualized feedback as well as assignments and drills to help you achieve your goals and build upon your strengths. Mentoring lessons are an hour and a half.

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Overview of schedule/policies

Roc Pilates is a Square Studio. We accept all Credit Cards and Cash. Checks aren’t accepted.
Late cancellations made under 24 hours from the scheduled session are charged the full price of the service.

No shows are charged the full price of the service.