The Cadillac

The Cadillac is so much fun and requires your full attention. Here I’m doing the exercise “Push Through Kneeling Front.” It look deceivingly simple yet you reach a tremble point that is so delicious and intense. Your body is working!!! Maybe next time it’s your turn to try it?


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Joining the mind, body and spirit as one is no easy task! Read the latest article to see how you too can be Pilates Strong. ENJOY!

Experience the Magic

Exercise is magical. Whether it’s dancing, hiking, lifting weights, bike riding or doing Pilates, it doesn’t matter. What matters is movement. Making movement a part of your everyday daily activity is crucial on every level.

Studies have shown that exercise can improve memory, mental focus, creative thinking, decision making and can even make you smarter. Yes, smarter! Exercise can make a difference in how certain areas of your brain function. Stimulating the brain through anaerobic and aerobic and exercise both have their benefits so it’s good to do both if you can. Chemicals in the brain are stimulated, the blood vessels in the brain are more vibrant, add in reduction of insulation and inflammation, these are all benefits the mind-brain reaps from regular physical activity. 

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