The Pilates Roll Back

The Method is an art form. Something worthwhile, worth delving deeper into and worth trying to keep as close to it’s originally intended purpose. So many exercises were created by Joe Pilates to work the spine, using the apparatus to find a balanced body. He named this method Contrology.  During The Roll Back, the action of the exercise working side by side with a good teacher guiding you will lengthen the spine and work on correcting wrong posture uniformly. It’s so simple. Standing properly allows for the body to function optimally including the ability to breath properly. They work hand in hand. So enjoy every inch of your Roll Back whenever you have the opportunity! (more…)

Why do YOU do Pilates?

We don’t know why you do Pilates but we do it because we LOVE it! AND we LOVE having FUN, feeling strong, empowered, embraced by our Pilates friends and community. It’s not easy, it takes dedication but all the hard work pays off in the end! (more…)

CCHIP Strategies for teaching Pilates

Over many years of teaching teachers, I realize that the Pilates Method not only holds a special place for so many people but it’s interpretation by everyone is vast. We see so much more on social media that we’ve never seen, which is creating ongoing discussions within the community, such as what is classical or contemporary Pilates? How do we define it? Who are the ones who are the deciding forces in these discussions? If we apply some sort of trickle down theory how does it affect each and every one of us who teaches Pilates? Uses the Method for purposes such as rehabilitation, therapy or exercise? Or teachers simply riding the coattails of a trends like the reformer, jump board and wunda/tower classes that are gaining more and more momentum. Movement is vital but movement for movements sake isn’t what we strive for in the Method. Copying what we see on youtube and pushing our clients where we are teaching all Yang and no Yin isn’t sustainable. So how do we create guidelines and teach authentically? (more…)


The wheel is a most primitive and mechanical structure. It’s very nature lends it to a wide variety of uses and tasks. Radiocarbon dating places the oldest known wheel in human history at 5,150 years old. The oldest circle is called the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel. It is a wooden wheel with an attachment that would have connected to some type of an axle used in the vertical fashion for load bearing work. Even it’s name is beautiful, Ljubljana Marshes. This particular wooden wheel was found in Slovenia, an area with some of the oldest and richest history of Europe. Human habitation is dated back to 250,000 years ago, predating the Romans. You may see such a disproportionate amount of time between the prehistory of Slovenia and the date of the Ljubljana Marshes wheel but one must realize the circumstances for wood to last and last for more than 5,000 years is quite a feat. (more…)