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Tower Classes $25 / 55 minutes

This class focuses on techniques of the Method including strengthening and active stretching techniques from laying down to kneeling and standing. You won’t miss the Reformer in this Tower Class. Not for the weak of heart. Joe wanted to work your muscles with all those extra springs. So let’s do it. Group includes 3 clients.

Private Lessons $75 / 55 minutes

The Universal Reformer is a very popular workout. The machine helps support and challenge your body with springs and a moving mat. Lessons include personalized attention on the Mat, Chair, Barrels, Magic Circle and Tower work.

Teacher Trainer Mentoring $150 / 55 minutes

ROC Pilates is unique in providing mentoring for the Pilates Teacher at all levels. Work with Senior Teacher Trainer Jordana to fulfill your goals. No matter where you received your certification, we will review everything from the exercises to modifications, proper positioning, to variations. This is not a private exercise session. It is a developmental workout for you including voice, tempo, modulation, hands on touch/spotting, reviewing exercises and learning new variations you can include in your choreography. Delve deeper into the classical Method of Contrology. Find the deeper connections within the exercises of the Method so you can incorporate this information into your teaching.

You will receive specific information and individualized feedback as well as assignments and drills to help you achieve your goals and build upon your strengths as homework to take with you when you leave.

Mentoring lessons are typically one hour. Feel free to book more than one hour.

If you come as a group and bring additional teachers, prices and scheduling will be on an individualized basis.



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We are a specialized studio with a strong focus on one on one private training and Teacher Trainer Mentoring. Contact Jordana at jordana@rocpilates.net or 845.265.2330 to book.

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