The Covid-19 Pilates World

Three weeks ago I was teaching down in NYC at Power Pilates. Word of Covid was spreading and a part of me was thinking maybe now is not the right time to commute. So I made a tough choice and decided I was going to stay in Beacon, NY and limit my exposure to any potential risks for me, my family, clients and strangers.

Within the first week it was clear clients were also making the same choices. Like me, a lot of my clients are hourly workers and their own clients were canceling on them. Cash to pay for Pilates had disappeared overnight for a significant population.

So I found myself in front of my iphone filming workouts and warmups. Trying out how to post to different social media platforms as I continued to watch the news unfold around the world.

At this point I have 11 videos I can say are worthwhile. Worth working out to, easy to follow and repeatable. Pilates isn’t about a new workout every time you do it. It’s about learning the Method in a logical and repeatable way. Offering basic workouts on the mat using weights, a thera-band, the magic circle or nothing at all for everyone to follow along to was my primary goal. I added in morning warmups and quick ab workouts too because sometimes we just need a little something to get the body moving, not a long workout. We still have our lives to lead.

I’m adding new content as quickly as I can but for now I would be excited if you subscribe to the Roc Pilates Youtube channel for my free workouts:

You can find the same workouts on the Roc Pilates Facebook page:

I hope you are all managing the best you can and making some time for yourselves to workout with me or with all the other teachers out there offering so many workout options at home.

Just a reminder, if you can afford to buy a package from your local studios to use at a later date, take lessons online at your convenience, support your teachers if they offer live lessons and help them earn some sort of living wage ( even if you don’t do the workout but let it run in the background), it’s really means a lot to all of us in the fitness community. Teachers who’ve been teaching you over the years are needing your support now more then ever!

I’ll be on beginning next Wednesday and would be grateful for your support. My hope is to help you stay fit and stay strong at a time when our mental and physical health is so vital.

Peace, Love & Pilates,

Your Dedicated Pilates Teacher Jordana