What it takes to be the BEST

After thousands of teaching and teacher training hours, teaching Pilates isn’t always what I think it’s going to be. I know I have to teach specific material in a very clear and concise way so it’s easily understood but then there comes a point as a teacher you have to push the apprentice or client out of their comfort zone and push myself as well.

Through trial and error I’ve observed a wide variety of changes in my methods but my conclusion is that returning to being a student a year ago with a wonderful mentor, pushing myself, taking private lesson after private lesson to practice what I want to teach is vital to teaching anyone how to move and move with intention and determination.

I encourage all teachers and all students to continue pushing yourself. Stop just teaching and receiving new certifications. Take lessons, push you body to the fitness level you expect from your apprentices and clients, workout hard, make your body show the world what Pilates has to offer.

Pilates teachers don’t have to workout. We can stand and teach hour after hour but I challenge my peers to workout hard, all the time until you can’t see through your sweat and tears.

My recent acceptance into a Master Program that I began a year ago sits on the shoulders of not only two decades of practicing Pilates but a lifetime of movement. I can’t wait to learn more, sweat more and cry through tears of pain and joy as I venture into a very exciting few years of my life as a Pilates Teacher.