Roc started as a necessity. The story is not a fun one, but long story short, I had to work closer to home, there are no Pilates jobs around where I live and so Roc was born.

It’s never been your average studio as it’s always been just me teaching and many would say that I’m from outer space. My approach to Pilates comes from ongoing years of studying, mentoring, teaching clients and apprentices but also from intuition, trust and pure joy of it. I thought, owning my own studio and all the rest of what I do in the Industry would be the culmination of things and then there was the Pandemic.

This isn’t the first time I mention it and it won’t be the last but it’s been a catalyst for movement and change in our Industry. So many teachers have adjusted to online and virtual platforms. So many more teachers have had to find other jobs or close their studios. It’s been a rough period watching people sell off their apparatus to make ends meet or change their business model. I did both. I had bills to pay and selling off extra pieces of apparatus was something I felt made the most sense.

As everything reopens (I even was able to get my coffee here in Beacon at Big Mouth with no mask. I had the Johnson & Johnson vaccination about 2 months ago), my model that I thought was a good one, is changing again.

I don’t want to jinx it but this site and this email is going to morph into something new. Yes, think of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. But its interesting because I have also morphed over the last 15 months. I enrolled in school full time for Business and Management with a major in Accounting. I chose to take better care of myself, which I wasn’t aware I wasn’t already doing (until it was quite obvious I wasn’t doing at all). My fitness level went from 0-60 from February to now. There’s always still work to do and improvements to make but I am definitely on top of it.

I’m pretty excited to see what I can accomplish over the next 1-2 years between my new education and the changes I’m making at Roc & with me.

Looking back to opening in 2017, it was never just about opening a studio, it was a journey and it’s not over. I don’t even know if it’s quite the end of the beginning. Stay tuned for more over the Summer of 2021. XOXO

Fitness can be your life too!


I’m a Pilates Teacher

I’m a Pilates Teacher. Nothing else. Just Pilates. Until the Corona Virus outbreak in NYC I’ve taken lessons religiously for two decades. I’ve taught over 1000 hours of education (someone’s counting – not me). I’ve written and conducted continuing education for archival programs and special cases. I’ve watched students become good teachers and then great teachers.

First, you cannot learn to teach online but you can be a student and learn about Pilates. I know you’re all anxious to take advantage of the C-19 Virus and get your certifications but there is absolutely no substitute for real hands on teaching. Even if you get certified right now, once someone is there in front of you, I wonder how easy it will be to teach them properly. I can bet it will be extremely difficult. That’s ok. It’s takes patience and time.

Second, being #PilatesStrong#RocPilates means you must do more than Pilates. Check out some stolen goods on the floor next to me. Weights and Kettle Bells. There’s no cheating when it comes to physical fitness, no cheating when it comes to Pilates as a client, and no cheating to become a competent student or teacher.

In every archival photograph of their NYC studio Joseph and Clara Pilates were there with their clients, day in and day out. Not one of the Elders learned Pilates on their own. Not one of the 1st Generation Master Trainers learned Pilates on their own. I did not learn Pilates on my own and my Pilates Family far and wide from Italy to Seoul worked hard and did not do it on their own.

Don’t buy the hype. Don’t believe the advertisements. Pilates cannot be exploited. If you work with real teachers who’ve taught real people in person, you’re in good hands. If you take Pilates online with someone who just became certified, you might get benefits as a client in the short term but the long term?

Stay true to the method. Honor people and their bodies. Now is a terrific time to learn from absolutely divine teachers online who never would make themselves available unless you traveled to work with them at their studio in person. I can give you a long list of these absolutely brilliant teachers but I hope you find just one good solid teacher and don’t cheat. Don’t do it on your own. Work at your craft and one day you can be proud of your accomplishments.

Please share your story with me via email, on Facebook or some other way. Let me know about your journey, your training so your passion, years and sweat you put into your craft are acknowledged.

Pilates Worldwide: A Movement

To everyone, we are in a brave new world. The Pilates Industry has responded to the Pandemic in the most remarkable and impressive way. Within a very short period of time social media was being hammered by teachers. Everyone was in groups asking how other people do online classes, what microphones and applications they use. Within days of questions there was a surge in live classes. Thank you Zoom! Zoom has been the antidote to Covid-19 for so many teachers in the Pilates community.

Ironically and sadly, this Wednesday I was slated to travel to Milan with Master Teacher Jerome Weinberg for his Reach for the Stars program. I was to travel to Ferrara and spend time with my Pilates family Alessia and Luca to teach with Karine Cid at Il Metodo Pilates Ferrara Studio. I love the Italiano Insegnanti di Pilates. They are passionate, they work so hard and keep Classical Pilates alive. My heart goes out to every single one of them.

From New York City, Los Angeles, Seoul, Montreal, Verona, Paris, teachers have are offering the world Pilates. They’re offering it to YOU! To ME! Teachers we couldn’t study with or teacher who wouldn’t share free lessons to protect their style and also to control the quality of teaching are now online! The Pilates world has changed. Inelia Garcia Garcia is filming workouts for us while we are in quarantine in Sao Paulo, I took class with Kevin Mondrick yesterday from Long Island, NY and this morning woke up to Erin Ginn teaching in Paris and Jean Claude Nelson teaching in Munich. Wow!

Remember to please support your Pilates Teacher in any small way you can at this time.

Peace, Love & Pilates,


P. S. Feel free to follow me, text or DM me any requests or questions via Jordana Herman. Here are the handles for Roc Pilates:




Starting this Wednesday 3/25/20 @12pm EST (New York) you can join me LIVE for classes. Signup at powerpilates.com/live.

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