Pilates Worldwide: A Movement

To everyone, we are in a brave new world. The Pilates Industry has responded to the Pandemic in the most remarkable and impressive way. Within a very short period of time social media was being hammered by teachers. Everyone was in groups asking how other people do online classes, what microphones and applications they use. Within days of questions there was a surge in live classes. Thank you Zoom! Zoom has been the antidote to Covid-19 for so many teachers in the Pilates community.

Ironically and sadly, this Wednesday I was slated to travel to Milan with Master Teacher Jerome Weinberg for his Reach for the Stars program. I was to travel to Ferrara and spend time with my Pilates family Alessia and Luca to teach with Karine Cid at Il Metodo Pilates Ferrara Studio. I love the Italiano Insegnanti di Pilates. They are passionate, they work so hard and keep Classical Pilates alive. My heart goes out to every single one of them.

From New York City, Los Angeles, Seoul, Montreal, Verona, Paris, teachers have are offering the world Pilates. They’re offering it to YOU! To ME! Teachers we couldn’t study with or teacher who wouldn’t share free lessons to protect their style and also to control the quality of teaching are now online! The Pilates world has changed. Inelia Garcia Garcia is filming workouts for us while we are in quarantine in Sao Paulo, I took class with Kevin Mondrick yesterday from Long Island, NY and this morning woke up to Erin Ginn teaching in Paris and Jean Claude Nelson teaching in Munich. Wow!

Remember to please support your Pilates Teacher in any small way you can at this time.

Peace, Love & Pilates,


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Starting this Wednesday 3/25/20 @12pm EST (New York) you can join me LIVE for classes. Signup at powerpilates.com/live.

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