ROC Pilates, Beacon NY

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ROC Live Online Classes and Private lessons during the Corona Crisis are now available!

ROC Pilates is a boutique studio in Beacon, New York. Although our doors are closed, we’re making lemons out of lemonade and providing live online classes and one on one lessons with our clients and teachers free, by donation and at discounted rates. This is at the discretion of our teachers, not Roc.

We love our teachers and believe they deserve our support while their businesses and studios are closed and they are sheltered at home. Our group of teachers are worldwide and can speak in English, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

We will continue our primary goal to help you meet your fitness needs while we all remain in a safe environment. Connect live online in our group classes to our larger Pilates community from NY to LA and across the globe. Email us for more information.

The Pilates Strong Philosophy…

Our goal is to reach your goals, side by side through honoring our dedication to YOU and to the Classical Pilates Method.