Experience + Patience + Focus

Roc Stars

Jordana Owner of Roc is a leader in the Pilates community. She actively teaches clients & training programs throughout the year from NYC to Milan. She is proud to work alongside so many amazing Pilates teachers worldwide.

Diane Lester is all that and a bag of chips. She’s a professional dancer, social media guru and entrepreneur. She goes the distance when it comes to teaching and working with her clients.

Emma Pajewski – with a long career classical and contemporary dance. Emma’s smooth style and choreography keep you focused and moving with ease and grace.

Meghan Sabas was trained in NYC at Gramercy Pilates. A world traveler, Meghan’s chill style keeps you on point and focused.

Gregory Louis brings intelligence, experience and charm to his teaching practice. He’s got a soft side but is tough as nails. His technique is spot on so there’s no doubt you’ll get your sweat on.

Jess Sylvia has been in the fitness industry forever. Her attention to detail and knowledge of all things health and wellness is bare none.

Kimmy Fitzgerald – Bio is on the way!

Kristin Anderson is a true Powerhouse. We can’t say enough about her years of experience in the Industry. Celebrity Pilates Teacher and Entrepreneur, co-creator of The Pilates Wheel, she’s got it going on.

Dana Hanlon – Bio is on the way

Atsko Fukada is a classical Pilates teacher and offers class in Japanese! Her commitment to Pilates has spanned over two decades. Wow!