Experience + Patience + Focus

Roc Stars

Jordana Owner of Roc is a leader in the Pilates community. She actively teaches clients & continues Pilates education year round. She’s mentored alongside great Romana Kryzanowska teachers Bob Liekens and Jerome Weinberg and currently studies under the amazing Jillian Hessel who generously shares the teachings of Carola Trier, Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher as well as Jillian’s own Classical style. Finding inspiration, peace and strength through Pilates is what Roc is about.

Emma Pajewski – with a long career classical and contemporary dance. Emma’s smooth style and choreography keep you focused and moving with ease and grace.

Atsko Fukada is a Classically trained Pilates Teacher. She’s studied with Bob Liekens, Susan Moran, Jerome Weinberg and Jillian Hessel. Her commitment to Pilates has spanned over two decades. She is the Power Pilates liason for training programs in Japan and teaches online classes for Roc weekly. She invites you to join her classes in Japanese and English.

Denisse Viteria from Ecuador, was passionate about Taekwondo but continuous practice caused her pain. That’s when Pilates came into her life. She says, “Pilates fills me so much because I realized it helps others through the hard road of pain. Pilates for me is a place of no frustration but improvement everyday.” She invites you to join her classes in Spanish!